Picture of Scottish Mountains

Ceasing Never

geopoetics, ecopoetics and the poetry of place

Helen Boden is a poet and educator, based on the edge of Edinburgh. A former University Lecturer in English and Scottish Literature, I have worked as an independent literature professional since 2003, running creative writing courses, workshops and groups, and providing private mentoring, editorial and reading services.

John Bolland is a poet, writer and artist based in the North East of Scotland. His poetry and short fiction have been widely published in journals and anthologies. He blends a lifelong commitment to writing with scientific training and first-hand experience of the international oil & gas industry. His website is www.aviewfromthelonggrass.com.

Catherin Eunson – Catherine lives in Glasgow, having previously spent 20 years living and bringing up her family in the Uists and Benbecula. She worked there in arts promotion, music teaching and as a Creative Links Officer, organising arts programmes within education. She also trained and worked in London and elsewhere as a music therapist, and this experience proved fundamental to her approach to the arts. She has written music for poetry and had poetry published in various journals and anthologies, including ‘Other Worlds, and Anthology of Scottish Island Poems.’ Most recently she published a sonnet corona, ‘The Scottish Poetry Rose Garden’

Elizabeth Rimmer is a poet, poetry editor for Red Squirrel Press and occasional translator. She has published four collections of poetry with Red Squirrel Press, Wherever We Live Now, in 2011, The Territory of Rain, in September 2015, Haggards (2018) and The Well of the Moon (2021). She has also published a translation of the Anglo-Saxon Charm of Nine Herbs. She writes mostly about plants, place, language, and community. Her website is www.burnedthumb.