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Ceasing Never

geopoetics, ecopoetics and the poetry of place

  • On a Lone Winter Evening

    The poetry of earth is ceasing never:On a lone winter evening, when the frostHas wrought a silence, from the stove there shrillsThe Cricket’s song, in warmth increasing ever, Keats – The Grasshopper and the Cricket Though we have not had so many posts lately, the poetry of earth has not been silenced. In August 2023…

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  • It is Always Finished, It Is Always Being Made – part 2

    Catherine Eunson It is clear that the climate crisis challenges us to rise above the particulars of our situation and to plot some radically new routes forward. Without sacrificing any of poetry’s potency, is it unreasonable to also expect that the activities of the poetry world might directly mitigate actual damage, even in a very…

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  • ‘It is always finished, it is always being made’

    Catherine Eunson If, on returning home from holiday, you discovered your house on fire, would you search your bags for a poem about water? How can we bridge the gulf between titles like 100 Poems to Save the Earth and the reality of how things work? Alwyn Marriage, reviewing the book in 2021, said, “Every…

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  • Eco-Poetics and Translation – combined recollections from StAnza 2023

    Helen Boden and Elizabeth RimmerEco-Poetry in Translation: breakfast – a sort-of summary. Can others who were there correct any factual errors & add anything?Speakers: Maria Armental, Kharaini Barokka, Niall O’Gallagher, Ignacio Cartagena Nunez• The concept of ‘language justice’ was elaborated and discussed• The ‘colonial’ separation of human & nature through the prism of translation –…

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